Open Letter to Our Customers

When my father, George Hammack, established G&H Battery Products in March of 1977, he had big dreams but very little resources. With a $500 loan from his good friend, a rickety 1957 Chevy pick up truck, and ambition he began his journey of turning his dream of working for himself into a reality. 

Dad always instilled in me his belief in the free enterprise system of our great nation and the value of hard work. Over time, he was able to become an expert in the mechanics of battery products and accessories. In addition, he became an inventor. The battery chargers that we sell to this day are his original design and hold up to the test of time. People say that products are just not made the way they used to be and do not last-and they’re not wrong! However, our craftsmanship has not changed over the years. While we currently live in a ‘throwaway’ society, I am proud to say that we are not part of that mentality. 

From a very young age, my siblings and I assisted dad in his workshop. We would help assemble products and learned more about craftsmanship and business than we could ever learn in a typical classroom. I kept with it and continued my training in our products throughout high school and beyond. When he got sick in 2012, my father trusted me to start shouldering the ins and outs of the business side of the company as well. 

After dad passed away in 2013, my main goal was to make sure that I kept my fathers dream alive and made him proud. Dad always taught me that if you want to ensure success in your business, that you must have stellar customer service and solid products. 

Fantastic customer service and top quality products are my guarantee to you, our customers.



Andrew Hammack

Andrew Hammack


G&H Battery Products


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Ashley Thomas


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